Longbeard’s Bar and Grill(Location Closed Now Called The Sneaky Beagle)

Longbeards Bar and Grill is located a little off the beaten path away from the glimmer of Ocean Boulevard. The owner is from our home state of Pennsylvania, the city of Aliquippa to be exact. From first glance your not really sure what to expect but once you get inside the place has a beautiful rustic cabin look and feel. The servers and bartenders are go above and beyond to make you feel welcomed and the food and drink is also something to talk about. The place is big on craft beers but also has a large variety of regular brews. The special of the day a New York Strip and Shrimp was out of this world good. We have also had the tacos that they have on special in the past and they are a great value. Longbeards gets a solid 8 for food, 8 for value, and 8.5 for atmosphere making it an overall 8 restaurant. Dont forget to check out the patio and outdoor fireplace if you stop by on a weekend as well.