Abuelo’s is one of the highest rated not only Mexican restaurants, but overall restaurants in Myrtle Beach. The atmosphere is stunning and the food is pretty impressive to. Located near the Coastal Grand Mall this place might not necessarily be a normal stop for tourists. The Food and Service are also extremely impressive. The Chicken Quesadillas, Queso, and Salsa Samplers are some of the best quality Mexican we have ever had, and the Happy Hour Specials are Great. The Food comes in at a 9, Atmosphere a 9.5, and Value a 9. This place Comes in at a 9.25 making it a Top Myrtle Beach Pick. A lot of online reviews for Myrtle Restaurants aren’t exactly accurate but this one definitely is.

We have since been back to Abuelos and have had the Fajitas which were huge portions and very good quality. It adds to an already long list of good options.

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