New Years Eve Liberty Brewery and Grill(Broadway Location Closed)

With so many options for New Years Eve it’s hard to pick so we went with Liberty Brewery and Grill at Broadway at the Beach. We were pleasantly surprised that the food was much better than we ever expected. We had been here before for Happy Hour which is one of the best at the beach from the Loaded Fries, Buffalo Shrimp, and Double Fried Honey Siracha Wings we knew the food was quality. We never expected one of the best Prime Rib and Ribeye Dinners though. They were both amazing along with the Baked Mac and Cheese and Mashed Potatoes were both really impressive. This restaurant comes in at a 9 for food, 8.5 for Atmosphere, and 8.5 for value making it one if the best restaurants we have ever eaten at after 5 plus years of coming here.

Top Dishes-Prime Rib, Ribeye, Double Fried Wings, Mac and Cheese.

Price $$-$$$