Paula Deen’s

Paula Deen’s Restaurant located at Broadway at the Beach has been an extremely popular place for those visiting Myrtle Beach. We had an opportunity to meet Paula last year but never actually ate at her restaurant until now. Shes an extremely sweet lady by the way. I’ve heard that this restaurant is a tourist trap and overrated and those rumors were far from the truth. The menu is family style allowing you to choose from 2 meats 4 sides or 3 meats 4 sides. Its all you can eat and the food is fantastic. The fried chicken, pork chops, cream corn, mashed potatoes, poppyseed salad, and baked mac and cheese were great. The pot roast was so so. The desserts all 4 of them were amazing and you can try them all. Lastly if your coming here try the peach tea it’s out of this world good. The restaurant also serves breakfast and has a full store downstairs to buy a lot of the food items you might eat there. The Food comes in at a 9, Atmosphere a 9 and Value a 9. It’s a solid restaurant though I wouldn’t wait 2 or 3 hours like some people do it’s a great stop especially if Paula herself is in town.


Locals Discount Available

Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen


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