Cafe Old Vienna

Sausage Plate, Assorted Mustards, 20oz Warsteiner Happy Hour Beer
Bratwurst Entree with Homefries
Dinner Salad

Price $-$$

Cafe Old Vienna is a German Austrian Restaurant located between 16th and 17th Ave on Business 17. Honestly this was one of the most surprising finds in Myrtle Beach. We drive by it constantly and our previous experiences at German restaurants had been less than desirable so we weren’t sure what to expect. This place blew us away everything from the entrees pictured to the beer was incredible. The inside is authentic with the music and waiters dressed in the cultural clothing. There really aren’t any negatives to eating here, it was a great experience especially with a nice Gluten Free menu. The food comes in at a 9.5 Atmosphere a 9, Value a 9. This is a top Myrtle Beach Restaurant regardless of the type of food give it a try.



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